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ProcessModel is a modern solution for simulation, analysis and optimization of business processes. The product offers a combination of graphics, simulation, animation and statistical data processing module. This allows for:

1. Business Process Modelling
Business process modelling is an effective tool for process visualisation assisting internal communications and the reaching of common understanding about process nature. The model is a graphic representation of who, how and in what sequence performs activities.

2. Calculation of business process associated costs
ProcessModel creates a true picture of expenses within the organization and their distribution in terms of activities and resources they are associated with. The ABC (Activity Based Costing)approach is used to analyse the key points in the process where expenses are generated..

3. Analysis of execution times for activities within the business processes
Individual activities are not always executed within the same time interval. On the basis of statistical distributions (for instance Pareto) ProcessModel can generate random values and present a most realistic picture.

4. What-if scenarios
Often there are a number of different options associated with the execution of business processes. These involve a different combination of resources manpower and time. ProcessModel helps define different scenarios and compare the simulation results with the organization's objectives and targets.

5. Simulation of business processes
When all data on time frames, costs and resources is combined in a process model, a simulation for a given time period can be performed. A correctly constructed model gives results identical to those in a real environment.
ProcessModel also supports an animation function, where the construction, movement, packaging and transportation of items can be observed in a cartoon-like model. The problem areas and bottlenecks are easily identified.

6. Simulation data analysis
Simulation results are analysed in order to find the best ways to optimize the process. Analysis across staff workload, resources utilization, time and cost can be performed. The different parameters of the same model can be altered and simulation can be repeated as needed.


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